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Mr Keith Patterson - Costa Coffee (Archive-Tools Sept 2015)

Costa was in the process of looking for a tool to carry out an archiving exercise. Based on the size of the company and the growth of the business, we needed to archive some of the data we hold in our database. Which was at the time extremely large. If we hadn’t taken action then, our database would have kept on growing at the rapid rate of 12 GB data per month. SQL Perform’s archiving solution allowed us to remove the oldest three years of data. We still have access to that information, but it is not held directly in the production database for our ERP solution.

Download the Costa Coffee reference case


Ms Carol Brown - Medifast (Archive-Tools March 2013)

We are happy with the wins achieved as this is a perpetual process and will be repeated regularly so that we stay on top of the database growth issue and keep the system healthy and slim for the next years to come. If we let the system grow we would need to look atreplacing it with tier one types of expensive products. This way, we can extend the life of NAV without frequent, expensive upgrades.


Mr Fabio Vignola - Health Check Service (24 Oct 2012)

Many thanks first of all for your high level of professional work which has been rated both by us and by our customer. I already suggested our customer to start following the recommendations from Hynek and after the implementation of those changes, we will order another Health Check Service from you. By my side I will strongly suggest at least one more customer to do the same. We will keep in touch.