10th Year Anniversary of SQL Perform!

We are happy to announce that in 2014, we are celebrating our 10th anniversay! This celebration comes with the major release of version 5.00 of your SQL Perform Tools.

How it all begun, 10 years ago?
SQL Perform was founded in 2004 as a consultancy firm and over the years has grown to become a worldwide services company helping thousands of NAV and SQL Server users to increase the performance of their products. Thanks to our proven methodological approach, we have had the opportunity to significantly increase the time to value of the SQL Perform services. We are looking forward to continue this path for at least another 10 years.

How we moved forward: Release of SQL Perform-Tools version 5.00
With this 10th anniversary, we are releasing the newest major version 5.00 of the SQL Perform-Tools. Discover more in this newsletter.

Thank you
We also would like to thank you! Thank you for being our partner. Thank you for your feedback that helps us to support Microsoft in making even better products. Thank you for letting us help you develop better NAV code on SQL Server and make add-ons better.

We just love to help you with our software day in, day out. We will continue to focus exclusively on your performance. Let’s keep it up high!