SQL Perform Europe

We are proud to announce that beginning January 1st, 2013, there will be a new organization, SQL Perform Europe, to help meet your needs.

The new company will be taking over the activities of SQL Perform UK Ltd. It will be a single delivery point of SQL Perform products and services in Europe. This shift does not impact or change other existing distributors that are in place and successfully servicing their regions – SQL Perform Germany and SQL Perform North America.

SQL Perform Europe is a successor of SQL Perform Benelux. They have unbeaten record of delivering quality services with a focus on customers while working alongside NAV Partners for the many years, during which they have captured close to 80% of that market. Therefore, we strongly trust that this reorganization will be very beneficial for all of our customers and partners.

This change will also make a crucial difference for us. There will be a clear split between the software development company – SQL Perform Software LLC – and regional/country distributors. This division between development and product management at SQL Perform LLC, and products and services delivery through SQL Perform distributors, will allow us to better concentrate on both, a clear win for our customers and partners.

We appreciate your continued support and cooperation as we work through this transition period.