SQL Perform launches new Archive-Tools

We are proud to announce the release of our new set of tools called Archive-Tools.

Archive-Tools will keep your database small, healthy and performing well.

In any kind of a business application, we generate data. After some time, the system is cluttered with a lot of data affecting your system performance dramatically. While some of the data is needed, for operational or reference reasons, some other data sits there slowing down the system.

That is why we at SQL Perform developed Archive-Tools. With our tools and using our methodology we can de-clutter your system. You will still have your operational and reference data. You will have access to securely stored archive data. You will give your database a performance boost. At the same time you will comply with legal and fiscal requirements. You don't need to change your system, it will be running well for many years to come. Clever.

With Archive-Tools your database growth is under control!