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Perform-Monitoring Services

Pro-active maintenance support.

SQL Perform now offers a new level of pro-active performance support to ensure this never happens in your organization. By keeping track of your system’s performance to make sure availability is at its maximum level and avoidable downtime is at an absolute minimum, this is the ideal solution for companies like yours. As a soft bridge between your infrastructure system and your ERP system, we will provide information on both systems so you can evaluate how they best work together. In case of an incident or disaster, we can offer you all of the necessary input to make the best possible decisions for faster recovery of your system. With constant system measurement and vital trend analysis, we’ll be there if the trend goes down. We have packages that include a next business day support contract which can ensure serious downtime is a thing of the past.

Take just a moment to review the benefits of Perform-Monitor Services; then contact us today to get started.

–   You have now the chance to monitor your system 24/7

–   Deal with performance issues before they become real problems

–   You will get notifications, alerts, blocks, deadlocks, time outs, and more from your database

–   Your partner will get the same notifications you do plus reports, comparisons and more

–   Perform-Monitor service for Dynamics NAV enables you to continuously maintain the database

–   You will get monthly reports if you purchase our standard version.

–   Our further support packages come with special discounts when you sign up for Perform-Monitor Dynamics NAV

No other single company offers services like this one. Get the sense of security you deserve with Perform-Monitor Dynamics NAV.

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