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NAV SQL Procedure Management

Boost performance on your Microsoft Dynamics NAV-SQL installation!

Summary: Improve performance on the SQL Server option by easily creating, using and managing T-SQL statements and procedures directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The problem: Microsoft Dynamics NAV using the SQL Server Option has very poor performance in certain situations. Some of these issues can only be solved by using T-SQL calls directly to the database from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, since these issues are related to how Microsoft Dynamics NAV is translating C/AL statements to T-SQL statements.
T-SQL can reside on the SQL Server as a stored procedure, but then needs to be managed directly via SQL Server and makes maintenance in the C/AL Code complex.

The solution: The NAV SQL Procedure Management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it easy to manage these T-SQL calls and stored procedures from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and also makes it easy to move applications to other databases and servers without the need of accessing SQL Server directly.
NAV SQL Procedure Management acts like an additional designer, and has no limits on the no. of procedures and the SQL Procedure can be called from within any trigger directly in the C/AL code.

The gain: One specific simple test discloses that the same function run in traditional Microsoft Dynamics NAV Code is 2100% slower than the same T-SQL statement run directly on the server from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV!
So are you experiencing performance issues using the SQL Server Option with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the NAV SQL Procedure Management add-on might be the solution.

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