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A revolution in gathering vital system statistics, Performance-Tracking for Dynamics NAV helps companies like yours gain access to the system “pulse” much faster than you could ever imagine.  In order to really know if something is slower than it should be or damaged, you need historical data. When someone says the system is “slow” today, you can then look back at previous data to see if the performance was the same. Without that essential information, you’re simply making an educated guess, and that certainly can’t improve your organization. Using Perform-Tracking to collect this type of baseline data can truly change the way you do business.
Performance-Tracking shows the impact of changes and provides vital information as to what happened when, but perhaps the best thing about this tool is that it can be used in both a reactive and a proactive mode. As a result, whether you need to evaluate what  isn’t functioning correctly or how to gather information to evaluate trends over time, Performance-Tracking can help.
Perform-Tracking collects information from the NAV database with major focus on the following areas: ·

User Activities ·          Object Changes ·          System Growth ·          Proactive Alerts

Tracking User Activities

Perform-Tracking monitors a variety of baseline data related to user activities and system stress. This can be used for various KPIs, such as amount of locking and blocking in the system, number of deadlocks and timeouts, or even to create a record of which user performs majority of transactions or one that shows the majority of storage I/Os as well as who is taking majority of CPU load. The information you need is truly right at your fingertips with Performance-Tracking, and once gathered, you can use it for performance analysis purposes or even to form a base-line should a serious problem ever occur. By proactively working and collecting data in the database itself, you may gain valuable insight that just wasn’t possible before.

Tracking Object Changes

Have you ever experience unwanted or unplanned object changes? Do you know who has changed what and when? Has someone ever deployed an object, run some functions and then changed the object back, you’re left without an understanding as to why the data is inconsistent? Do you want to recover a previous historic version of an object? Perform-Tracking is the one tool you need to solve problems like these.

Tracking System Growth

Perform-Tracking also gathers system growth related data, such as database growth, log growth and drive space usage. Part of the functionality is also monitoring NAV table growth, so that you understand the system better. This can be vital for proactive infrastructure planning as well as focusing properly on the tables that need archiving and or compressing.

Proactive Alerts

Do you want alerts on critical business issues? From alerts on object changes to those on increased blocking, timeouts and deadlocks, Performance Tracking will help you react quicker to potential issues. For example, perhaps everyone is suddenly blocked, and no one seems to understand what’s happening with the system. If somebody were running Adjust Cost or a Posting Batch in the morning because they forgot to run it in the evening, it could be a real issue but with Performance Tracking,  – . instead of users calling you, you get an alert via e-mail enabling you to pro-actively deal with the situation.
·          Is somebody modifying objects in the database? You get an alert.

·          Is SQL Agent Job overrunning? Alert.

·          Is there an increased blocking? Alert.

·          Are there increased amount of deadlocks? Alert.

·          Are there increased amount of timeouts? Alert.

·          Is there a lack of disk space? Alert.

·          Lack of log space? Alert.

·          Lack of database space? Alert.

You are in control, vigilant and proactive.
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