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As you are aware as a Dynamics user installation grows so do the management areas for both your support department, and for the user, in terms of database management and housekeeping. We are very pleased to introduce you to our value-add solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Products. Perform-Tools for Dynamics Products.

What is the opportunity for your company if you become our partner?

  • Firstly, we believe that every Dynamics clients who is based on SQL Server should implement our Perform-Tools Essential package in order to pro-actively maintain their database.
  • Secondly, we can resolve any performance related issues of your clients with our Perform-Tools Advanced package.
  • You will generate continuous revenue opportunity by promoting our tools.
  • The more you sell the more you earn!
  • Substantial margin – i.e. lets get everybody onto the tools now!
  • We have the knowledge, skills and resources ready to take on any performance related projects that your clients may have. You get your margin and make your customers happy with no hassles!

In summary we believe we offer a true partnership:

-Opportunity for the tools in all SQL Server sites
-Great Margin
-Training support -Support for Client Update session
-In-house license
-Marketing support

Come on board and become a our Partner!