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The amount of data required to do business today is staggering. The sheer size of your database could be seriously impacting your day t...
Perform-Tools version 5.10 now available! 2015-03-23 10:10:53

Over the past year we have seen many companies adopting SQL Server 2014, NAV 2013 and NAV 2015. Perform-Tools version 5.10 is being launched in full compatibility with these newest versions. The product team has added interesting improvements and new functionalities that allow for continued im ... READ MORE

Meet us at conneXion Conference in Dubai! 2015-03-09 19:14:27

From April 15 to 17, we will be exhibiting at the conneXion Conference in one of the most modern cities of the world. The conference is an LS Retail International Conference and Expo, dedicated to retail, hospitality businesses and LS Retail partners from all over the world.  ... READ MORE

We exhibited at the Convergence EMEA in Barcelona, 4-6 Nov 2014 2014-09-09 22:06:35

SQL Perform had an exhibition stand at Microsoft Convergence EMEA in Barcelona from 4-6 November 2014. It was a great opprtunity to catch up with our existing contacts and gain new ones.  Convergence Europe is the biggest event for the Microsoft business community in the re ... READ MORE

SQL Perform launches new Archive-Tools 2014-03-10 09:00:44

We are proud to announce the release of our new set of tools called Archive-Tools. Archive-Tools will keep your database small, healthy and performing well. In any kind of a business application, we generate data. After some ... READ MORE

10th Year Anniversary of SQL Perform! 2014-03-10 09:00:23

We are happy to announce that in 2014, we are celebrating our 10th anniversay! This celebration comes with the major release of version 5.00 of your SQL Perform Tools. How it all begun, 10 years ago? SQL Perform was founded in 2004 as a consultancy firm and over the years has grown to become a w ... READ MORE

SQL Perform launches new website 2013-11-15 09:00:13

After several years of using our website, we finally decided to retire the old site to replace it with more updated website. We have refreshed content with plenty of new features such as videos, social media links, new pages, images etc.. We have been working on this project for a while assuring com ... READ MORE

Perform-Tools 4.00 released! 2013-01-02 12:48:58

We are delighted to inform you that we are releasing new version of our products Perform-Tools 4.00. The major change in this release is support of SQL Server 2012. At the same time, we are discontinuing support of SQL Server 2000, meaning that version 4.00 will not function properly in SQL 2000 en ... READ MORE

SQL Perform Europe 2013-01-01 15:10:36

We are proud to announce that beginning January 1st, 2013, there will be a new organization, SQL Perform Europe, to help meet your needs. The new company will be taking over the activities of SQL Perform UK Ltd. It will be a single delivery point of SQL Perform products and services in Europe. This ... READ MORE


Many thanks first of all for your high level of professional work which has been rated both by us and by our customer. I already suggested our customer to start following the recommendations from Hynek and after the implementation of those changes, we will order another Health Check Service from you. By my side I will strongly suggest at lea

By Mr Fabio Vignola, logoHealth Check Service

The speed of response from Hynek and the expertise has been excellent in putting us on a path to implementing a strategy and process to accurately monitor systems utilisation and take pro-active steps to resolve issues backed with factual data to measure the effect of all changes.  Superb.

By Mr John Glennon , logoHealth Check Service

I would recommend SQL Perform to anyone using MSSQL alongside MS Dynamics NAV. Since using their skills our NAV system is unrecognisable in terms of system performance and application response times. They got right to the heart of our problems quickly and efficiently, diagnosing both SQL configuration issues and C/Side coding errors. From co

By Mr Chris Husband, logoPerform-Services

Everything appears to be running very well at our customer site after you assisted us with the performance project. There have been no complaints about the speed of the system. The hardware is standing up really well. The monitoring reports are useful documents as they highlight the areas of greatest blocks, and it is exactly where we would

By Mr Ian Silvers, logoPerform-Services & Monitoring

The Perform-Tools are creating a view about 'What's happening in Navision'. Especially lock and block detection are convenient.

By RJM Snoek, logoPerform-Tools

Since installing Perform-Tools, there has been a dramatic improvement in performance; particularly around our replenishment systems. The data collected has also been hugley helpful in analysing and reducing the number of table locks my users were suffering from.

By Mr Phil Barker, logoPerform-Tools

Brings SQL options and functions into use with Navision. Gives the tools to make decisions to increase performance. Scheduled task keep the database in order. Takes many powerful and hidden SQL functions and makes them useful and explains what to look for.

By Mr David Baxter, logoPerform-Tools

They agreed the project scope and provided exactly what was required. Output from a technical point of view was excellent, they really know their stuff. I will certainly be using them again in the future

By Mr Gary Parsons, logoPerform-Services

We are happy with the wins achieved as this is a perpetual process and will be repeated regularly so that we stay on top of the database growth issue and keep the system healthy and slim for the next years to come. If we let the system grow we would need to look atreplacing it with tier one types of expensive&nb

By Ms Carol Brown, logoMedifast