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Are you looking for quick resolution to system bottlenecks?

We deliver you a 360 degree system review on performance, system efficiency and preventative care and a plan showing you how to approach performance bottlenecks.

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Declutter your Dynamics NAV system

Don't let data clog your businesses processes. Use the primary data within your business more effectively and access archived data quickly.


Performance tools developed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on SQL Server

From performance optimization, to archiving and compression, we have a solution to fix even the most critical and difficult Microsoft Dynamics NAV issues. Our team of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft SQL Server specialists proactively take action to eliminate bottlenecks, lock, block, deadlocks and improve your end user experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We have many years of practical experience in business and have a track record of delivery which is second to none. All of this adds up to an approach that has the primary aim of enhancing business performance for our customers.

Dynamics NAV Performance Audit

Are you looking for a fast and efficient resolution to system bottlenecks?

Using our performance tools and proven methodology, we analyze your system looking for performance issues and how efficient processes are running. Our Dynamics NAV and SQL Server experts review your system and provide you with information that will enable you to effectively fix problems before they start. We create a plan to show you how to approach the performance bottlenecks that may be causing problems. Should you decide to execute our plan, we can help there too.

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  • "Thanks to SQL Perform, the way Microsoft Dynamics NAV performs on some processes has improved by 85%."
  • "SQL Perform emptied some of the tables out of the server and archived them in a different database. The whole operation only took two half-days and the result is amazing: instead of 45 minutes, the processing for each run now only takes ten minutes"
  • "SQL Perform delivers a solution that really works. Batch processing has been reduced from one hour to 10 minutes. End-users were not told about the work and experienced no inconvenience whatsoever. However, they did notice that the system responds much faster to the slightest click. It was a small investment for an amazing ROI!"  

Dynamics NAV Archiving & Compression

Is your database bigger than 100GB?

The comprehensive Data Archiving and Compression tools enable IT professionals to store detailed production Dynamics NAV data in an archival database, while moving and/or compressing the data at source. The IT team can select what data will be compressed and moved, and how frequently to archive and compress the data. We have helped organizations reduce their Dynamics NAV databases by hundreds of gigabytes.

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Archiving and Compression tools are designed to prolong the life expectancy of your NAV solution.

Boost Your Dynamics NAV system performance 

The primary reason for reduced productivity is the decline in performance over time. If your NAV system is not subjected to routine maintenance, it will gradually slow down your staff's ability to interact with the system, leading to heightened frustration and diminished customer experience. We give you a significant performance boost and increased response time for backups, drill downs and reports in Dynamics NAV.