SQL Perform is an excellent choice if you would like to have the performance of your databases professionally audited. Such an audit is conducted when customers notice that their application, database, or server is having problems in general performance, or integration. We check what can be improved and report this to you. A full database audit is strongly advised to address often vague and generic performance issues reported by end-users. When the performance issues are clearly attributed to known business processes or repeatable actions it is sometimes possible to skip ahead directly to performance tuning.

The process of a database performance audit

At the start of a new project, a full performance audit is often executed. This audit will reveal the area in which performance problems are encountered (if any) and where improvements need to be made. Our Perform-Analysis module can capture all important performance statistics over a timeframe of about two weeks. A performance audit is completed over a period of up to six weeks. After reporting the results, we discuss possible improvements. One of the things we can do after the audit of your database performance is a database query tuning. By optimizing the queries, they have as little impact as possible on your database performance. Other possible steps include database maintenance tasks and a business process analysis.

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