Dynamics BC Performance Tuning

When optimizing your Dynamics BC application environment, performance tuning is a very important step. SQL Perform will handle this task, using our own designed Perform-Tools software. We have over 15 years of experience improving systems running Microsoft Dynamics NAV & BC and created international network specialists, assisting you worldwide.

The process of Dynamics BC performance tuning

Ideally, we start the process of Dynamics BC performance tuning by first identifying all the problems that may be occurring in your applications and what causes them. This is done through a Dynamics BC performance audit. During the audit we determine, for example, if an application page loads too slowly or if there are certain Dynamics performance issues. The next step is to solve the issues in the optimization phase. Now we will start the Dynamics BC performance tuning, which comprises a number of actions. One of these is implementing the Perform-Maintenance module which adds proper index maintenance scripts to your system. We can also execute performance tuning for Dynamics NAV.

In addition to Dynamics BC performance tuning, do not hesitate to ask us about options for long-term performance monitoring or remote DBA services.

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