• A “soft” bridge for SQL Server and NAV
  • Index cost analysis
  • SIFT index cost analysis
  • Table costs analysis
  • Zero SIFT analysis
  • Blocking analysis
  • Locking analysis
  • Disk latency analysis
  • Memory usage analysis

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning System. There are close to 1000 tables within a database that covers every single area of a business. Dynamics NAV is equally an OLTP and OLAP system.  By this we mean that the tables have both transactions processing as well as an analytical processing purpose. To manage this comprehensive suite you need a dedicated set of tools that understands the set up of Dynamics NAV. The right tools can assist Dynamics NAV and SQL Server experts in tuning your system to achieve optimum performance.

Perform-Analysis provides a “capability bridge” between SQL Server and Dynamics NAV. For example, Certified Navision developers will have vital information about Table indexes and SIFT indexes that cause the largest overhead. They can focus on the tables, indexes and application areas in their optimization efforts.

Questions that are raised when having consultants review your system are:

  • How many blocks were there over a period of time?
  • Which application areas were affected?
  • Which users were involved?

Perform-Analysis provides the answers showing not only SQL Server IDs but also more meaningful and clearly described Dynamics NAV table IDs and names, making it crystal clear where the focus should be. It has been proven by our software installation, that removing the top 20-50 index and SIFT overheads will yield at least a 20-30% system performance boost without a need to change a single line of code. With Perform-Analysis, you now have the most efficient and speediest resolution to system bottlenecks.
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