• How much data did your company create today?
  • How much will you create tomorrow?
  • How much more can your system hold?

The amount of data required to do business today is nothing short of overwhelming. The real problem isn’t that you need all that data, though. The real issue is data storage.

Whether you’re keeping it on hand for day to day operations or it’s required from a compliance standpoint, that level of information can create an immeasurable drag on your systems. To date, there weren’t really any good solutions to the problem.

  • As long as you were running the Enterprise Edition of SQL, you could You can employ the data compression tool, but it’s only going to help you deal with the disks and RAM problems, not the physical heaviness of the data itself.
  • You could scale up your machine, but that’s cost prohibitive in many situations.
  • You could also re-implement a new NAV database, but that’s nothing short of risky, and it’s certain to mean downtime you don’t need right now.

There weren’t any good options – UNITL NOW. SQL Perform’s Archiving and Compression Tools offer the right solution without the risk or cost.

  • Retain the data you need to move forward.
  • Get a solid performance boost immediately.
  • Faster processes including drill downs, reports, backups, and maintenance.

Tools that are customized to meet your needs, you get the reduced size without functionality issues. Moreover, ongoing enhancements will be released within the next several months, giving you a level of flexibility you never thought possible.

Faster response times are a must in your industry. Archiving and Compression Tools from SQL Perform can help. Contact us now for more information.