The amount of data required to do business today is staggering. From the information you need every single day to the material you’re required to keep on file for compliance purposes, the sheer size of your database could be seriously impacting your day to day performance.

Fortunately, there’s finally a solution: Archiving and Compression Tools from SQL Perform.

Designed specifically for Dynamics NAV customers, these innovative applications allow you to retain the detailed data you need to move your company forward while still offering a very real performance boost that you’ll notice immediately. The result is data visibility along with faster drill downs, faster reports, faster processing, faster backups, and faster maintenance. That level of speed could mean real changes for your company.

These tools are carefully customized to meet the needs of your company, and with ongoing enhancements on the way, you can be certain you will be able to continually reduce the size of your data footprint without limiting your functionality.

The advantages of tools like these are easy to see:

  • Meet fiscal and legal requirements by retaining detailed data for inspections or audits and by cleverly maintaining statutory data retention period requirements. The data is kept, but it doesn’t affect your operational database.
  • View historic data easily in archive database.
  • If there’s ever a problem, simply reverse to the original state.
  • Require less RAM and CPU power on a daily basis, and minimize the need for SQL server data compression.

Faster response times aren’t always this easy to get. Thanks to the new Archiving and Compression Tools from SQL Perform, though, you can look forward to flexibility on an entirely new level.

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