Perform-Dataport is a module from our Archive-Tools which are used when we offer our Archiving Solution.

The three things you should know about our Archiving solution:

Guiding design principles make sure that the solution is fit for NAV database running in SQL Server environment, specifically:

  • Original data is never deleted
  • Company will comply with legal and fiscal requirement
  • Any NAV table handling, base application, add-on, or custom tables
  • Fast T-SQL execution
  • The power of undo in case of a need to reverse
  • Rollback in case of failure
  • Traceability – registers of all archive runs

Benefits for customers are:

  • Healthy Systems
  • Less data


    • Fast Data Access
    • Reduced Query Times
    • Less Locks
    • Better utilisation of memory for caching
    • Less Backup Time
    • Easier Database Administration
    • Less Hardware Requirements
  • Fiscal and Legal Requirements met
  • Getting more out of their NAV/SQL investment

Returns On Investment:

  • Reports faster: Stock Valuation, Item Sales, ..
  • Processes speed improvement: post G/L, Warehouse handling, ..
  • Maintenance speed improvements: backups, rebuilding indexes & check database consistency