We are offering a great product:

  • 20-30% performance boost compared to non-maintained systems
  • Optimizes SQL Server statistics making Query Optimizer more efficient
  • Optimizes SIFT records removing zero unnecessary records
  • Re-indexes with optimum fill factor for read and write performance
  • Runs automatically at scheduled intervals

Finally, there is an 80-90% probability that your Dynamics NAV database is not set-up for optimal performance.Features:

  • Perform Maintenance: running the tool for the first time will ensure that your back-end database is optimised.
  • Perform Maintenance will ensure that your database setup options will be correct! Periodic running will ensure that your database stays that way!
  • Perform Maintenance will remove unnecessary overheads. For example at least 10% of records in SIFT tables are empty in a typical Dynamics NAV database.
  • Perform Maintenance will, when run a regular basis, remove these unnecessary overhead records. Many standard statistics within SQL Server prove to be of little value.
  • Perform-Maintenance will remove the unnecessary statistics whilst at the same time providing valuable and meaningful Dynamics NAV orientated statistics. Due to the nature of the applications many tables become fragmented.
  • Perform-Maintenance will ensure that indexes and data are de-fragmented and stored as efficiently as possible whilst optimizing both read and write times. It has been proven by many customers that a properly maintained backend database can yield an extra 20-30% in performance as compared to databases without Perform Maintenance.

Finally backups will become quicker due to smaller files. Perform Maintenance can be run unattended allowing our clients to concentrate on using the system to run the company!

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