SQL Server Performance Audit

A SQL Server performance audit is an essential part in the process of improving your data system. At SQL Perform, we specialize in improving applications using the SQL Server database platform. Our mission is to deliver successful and profitable services to both ISVs and customers. Our specialists work result driven to guarantee a positive customer experience. We communicate open and transparent with our customers. Discover why an SQL Server performance audit is an important step in improving the performance of your system.

Why is an SQL Server performance audit important?

An SQL Server performance audit ideally precedes the performance tuning process. This way we can identify potential issues and their causes, and handle the issues more efficient based on this information. An audit is executed with our own internally developed Perform-Tools. Our Perform-Analysis module is able to scan your system. We then report the results to you and together we determine what steps can best be taken next. This could be SQL Server performance tuning for example, which again involves several procedures. One of them is SQL Server query tuning, which improves execution time significantly.

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