Dynamics BC Timeouts

Do you need help investigating and improving the Dynamics BC timeouts? Then contact SQL Perform! We are specialized in configuring and improving the performance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and BC and have over 15 years of experience supporting Dynamics BC, NAV and Navision.

Reducing Dynamics BC timeouts

Our administrators rely on our internally developed Perform-Tools software to enhance your user experience. Every action in a database will cause locks on records or tables. When a second process wants to access the same data, this can result in a block, where you need to wait for the first process to finish. In Dynamics BC this waiting time is limited by default to 10 seconds, after which the connection is terminated with the message “The operation could not be completed because a record in the table was locked by another user. Please retry the activity.”. Without specialist performance monitoring software like our Perform-Analysis software, these issues cannot be investigated. With our performance audit and tuning services the amount of timeouts can be reduced.

We offer additional support and services in the form of remote DBA, resolving technical issues for you via email or phone. If you have any additional questions about our services or how we handle Dynamics Business Central issues.

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