Thanks to our Perform-Tools, optimizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, BC and other applications on the SQL Server platform is now easier for you. Our Perform-Tools are fully tested and supported set of products helping our customers since 2007.

The Perform-Tools software addresses three major pillars of performance:

  • Performance KPI analysis over time
  • Preventive database maintenance
  • Proactive performance monitoring

The Perform-Tools software suite consists of two modules to manage the system and application performance:

If you have any performance issues, our module Perform-Analysis has been designed specifically to figure out where the problem is.

It is not easy to translate application performance issues directly to SQL Server performance KPI’s. The application users often complain on generic slowness after they happened, while the SQL Server database administrator can only check the current connections or check the total system load over a long period. Perform-Analysis provides the bridge between the two worlds. You will be able to perform system analysis much quicker opposed to looking into system tables or views, application objects, etc. Instead of executing complex SQL queries you simply type in the Perform-Tools function name, review the results, take corrective action and/or output the results to file for documentation or further analysis purposes.

Having the Perform-Analysis software installed before any performance issues are present allows to capture all significant KPI’s and use these as a performance baselines should issues arise.

With Perform-Analysis, whenever needed, proactively and/or in a reactive mode, you have a tool to investigate how the system is performing and allow professionals to fix any potential or existing issues.

We can maintain the health of your system! We have the right solution for any Dynamics NAV users on SQL Server to keep systems as healthy as possible. Our Perform-Maintenance module has been developed to automate all tasks you need; creating and updating index statistics, maintaining indexes (with appropriate index fill factor), checking data structure consistency. Contrary to different maintenance solutions, our focus is on large databases over generic solutions. This allows a tailored approach setting the best options per database, ideal for your larger application platforms.

Discover more about our Perform-Tools software

Are you interested in our Perform-Tools modules, but do you still have questions? Then you can read online about Perform-Analysis and Perform-Maintenance software. Check our Solutions to see how we can help you with any questions you about your application environment.

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