Dynamics NAV Deadlocks

SQL Perform is specialized in enhancing the performance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV deadlocks for companies worldwide. Part of this process is solving issues, such as blocks; deadlocks and timeouts. Deadlocks often prevent users from completing tasks and therefore they should be monitored carefully.

Our approach to handling Dynamics NAV deadlocks

Deadlocks happen when two or more users are trying to access the same set of data in a different order. During the deadlock, all user processes involved are in an infinite wait loop, which is resolved by SQL Server automatically after 5 seconds by terminating one process; where the user will get the error “The activity was deadlocked with another user who was modifying the … table. Please retry the activity.”.

To address problems with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, such as deadlocks, we have designed our own Perform-Tools software. As a result we can investigate and resolve them very efficiently and quickly. One component of our services is the monitoring services. We use it to track any problems that might occur and provide early alerts of potential issues. We can then rely on these alerts to solve these problems

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