Dynamics NAV Performance Audit

A Dynamics NAV performance audit is an important part of improving the performance of your system. To optimize your database, we first need to identify any issues and their causes, so we can fix any underlying performance problems. This approach is far more efficient then using only SQL Server DMV ad-hoc analysis which often cannot identify specific issues due to reporting based on totals instead of trending performance KPI’s. . For that analysis, we at SQL Perform work with our own in-house developed Perform-Tools software.

The Dynamics NAV performance audit as a start of a new project

At the start of a new project a full Dynamics NAV performance audit is often executed. For this, we use our Perform-Tools, and more specifically, our Perform-Analysis module. The Perform-Analysis module will capture all important performance statistics a measurement period of two weeks. This measurement phase is followed by a report with all the results, which we use to determine how we can optimize your Dynamics NAV performance. In this process, we will perform Dynamics NAV performance tuning, for example. Archiving older, non-operational data can also help make your system run smoother.

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