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Optimizing Microsoft Dynamics products on SQL Server platform is now easier for you. Our Perform-Tools are fully tested and supported set of products helping our customers since 2007.Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) offers the growing business a powerful yet cost-effective solution. With the ever growing adoption of a Microsoft SQL Server backend, Perform‑Tools ensures an ongoing truly optimised performance environment for your users. Perform-Tools addresses three major pillars of performance

  • Proper performance analysis
  • Preventive database maintenance
  • Proactive performance monitoring




With Perform-Analysis, whenever needed, proactively and/or in a reactive mode, you have a tool to investigate how the system is performing and allow professionals to fix any potential or existing issues.

We offer two packages of Perform-Tools;

  1. Perform-Tools Essentials: Containing two modules of Perform-Tools called Perform-Maintenance and Perform-Tracking.
  2. Perform-Tools Advanced: Containing one module of Perform-Tools called Perform-Analysis.

Perform-Tools Essentials: We can maintain the health of your system! We have the right solution for any Dynamics NAV users on SQL Server to keep systems as healthy as possible. Our products Perform-Maintenance and Perform-Tracking have been developed to look after your system every hour of every day.

Perform-Maintenance automates all you need; it is maintaining indexes, choosing appropriate index fill factors for you and is properly updating index statistics.

Even before you have a problem, should you be running Perform-Tracking you would have all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and key system statistics gathered for historic comparison and as a base line for tuning or just month to month reporting.

Not only will these products will assure you peace of mind and total control of your database, but they will also allow you to monitor the ups and downs which will help to prevent any disasters. All Dynamics NAV on SQL Server customers need this type of assurance, and we’re one of the few who can offer it.

Perform-Tools Advanced: If you have any performance issues, our product Perform-Analysis has been designed specifically to help you to figure out where the problem is.

It is not easy to analyse Dynamics NAV on SQL Server since the Dynamics NAV terminology is not clear to SQL Server specialist and SQL Server terminology is not understood by Dynamics NAV certified professionals. Perform-Analysis provides the bridge between the two worlds. You will be able to perform system analysis much quicker opposed to looking into system tables, Dynamics NAV objects, etc. You simply type in the function name, view the results, action corrections and/or output the results to file for documentation or further analysis purposes. You can even ask the system/database administrator to run the functions for you and get the results for analysis at your desk in a format that Dynamics NAV certified developer can work easily with and is also clear to SQL Server specialists.

We offer our Periodic Health Check solution using Perform-Analysis tool based on a proven methodology. This solution shows you how to approach the performance bottlenecks that may be causing problems.


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